Friday, January 23, 2015


"Watch and Learn..." Pip has a little advice for young Parker (ex. Billy).
This whole Your Turn Challenge was partly designed to get folks "unstuck" from their blogging avoidance.  Today's prompt is, what advice would I give people to get them unstuck?

I've always been an advocate of "Just Do It," even though I really don't want anything to do with Nike.  ;-) The thing about art - or writing, or probably anything - is, if you wait for the mood, or inspiration, or  your "muse", you'll never get anything done.  I think most of us psyche ourselves out.  We think when we sit down to work, we must create a masterpiece, or a best-seller.  Yeah, okay, some days you go through stretches where you're on fire and everything you paint/write is gold, but I know for me, that's not a realistic expectation 365 days a year. 

Think...or jump....outside the box! (Polly) 

I am currently in a major state of art and writing avoidance.  Part of that is related to what I wrote about earlier.  Part of it is legitimately a time factor.  In the past I've told myself, just start with 10-15 minutes.  And I've learned to be able to do short bits like that, so at least I feel as if I'm doing something.  The problem is when you do get unstuck, you're going to have to deal with the fact that you probably don't have 3-4 hours to spend at the easel, or immersed in Word.  In those times, I try to give myself a day or two a week that I can devote just to that.  The horses I'm riding can have days off to just be - they need that as much as we do.

Cross-training is important in any endeavour! Stevie demonstrates his prowess at Widgetball.

Another way to get unstuck, I'll take from riding.  I'm by no means an expert rider.  Most of my hours in the saddle have been galloping - and hence not really in the saddle so much as hovering above it!  I'm having to re-learn as much as my two horses are, and I can easily get locked into a rut when I'm riding, because I'm trying too hard (and usually failing miserably, haha).  The thing about riding Thoroughbreds - they're smart, most of them.  They get bored easily.  If you get too repetitive, sooner or later it's going to bite you in the, you have to think outside the box.  Do different stuff.  Challenge them a little, but not so much that they get worried or frustrated. 

Same goes for art, or writing, or working out, or....fill in your own blank.  Try something different.  Play around a bit.  Stop being so freaking serious all the time.  Words to live by?

Song of the day?  "New Low," by Middle Class Rut!  :-D


J & B said...

Reading your blog Inhave had all the excuses I can think of from the festive season to Hubby decorating (he might
need help) Doctor appointments, sat in front of the easel
saying you're useless and too old why bother ??!!
I am out of excuses now what can I paint ,!! OK
JUST DO IT after chores I will.

Linda Shantz said...

Do it! Haha! Same for me today. ;-)