Saturday, January 24, 2015

How Do You Surprise Someone Not Easily Surprised?

Saratoga, Baby.
I just commented to a friend that I'm really stuck on what to write about today's prompt, which seems really counter-productive when this whole week's exercise is about getting un-stuck.  We're supposed to talk about a time that we surprised ourselves today. Um....I notoriously work within my own boundaries of self-preservation, so that's a tough one.  This is likely to be another one of those really boring posts! If I've done something that truly surprises me, I've likely blocked it out, so it must have been horrible! 

As my intent today - especially after yesterday's post about "just do it" and breaking out of a rut - is to give Leo and Gracie a well-deserved day off, and find some time at the easel, I've decided I'd better write this post NOW, for better or worse, before I go out and do stalls.  So, my apologies.

I liked this WIP better than the completed painting!  That's never a surprise.  ;-)
2008.  You can read the quick overview here.  You may have heard about our annual treks to Saratoga.  This was one of the early ones.  How determined was I to get there?  Well, I left in the dark Saturday morning, made the six-hour drive to meet Juliet (coincidentally, the above-mentioned friend!) at the house in Ballston Spa.  We did our thing (again, see that blog post), and after the races on Sunday, I got back in the car and drove home!  The 48-hour Saratoga whirlwind trip.  I think, since that craziness, I've managed to make the trip a little less frantic! Still...I actually like to do things like, not entirely a surprise to myself.  It's just all I've got right now, and I'd rather make the most of this day, than stress about this post and have it get in the way of doing something more productive! 

One more day!  :-D

Remember I said I'd probably blocked out some surprises?  I surprised myself missing Hugo's birth.  Eep!  Thank goodness he and Viv managed okay on their own!

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