Monday, January 16, 2012

A is for Apple and That's Good Enough for Meeeeeee

Okay, apparently the cold has gone to my brain and made me a little silly. I do eat more cookies than apples, just so you know.

But yes, that is an apple. Last fall - October, I believe - my good friends Elizabeth McCrindle and Sheona Hamilton-Grant and I were interacting on Google Plus and decided on a little challenge for ourselves - to paint or draw an apple. I can't remember why, I just remember we set a deadline for November 1. When that date passed and none of us had produced anything, we said December 1. Well, that date also came and went, and since then we have mostly just joked about the state of our models. I had to replace mine in order to do this painting, but I was determined I was going to do it! So here it is, 5 x 7 oil on Raymar cotton canvas panel. In true equine artist fashion, the apple itself is reasonably painted, while the background falls shamefully short! Oh well, at least I did it!

Okay, Sheona,'re up!


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

OK Dinosaurs on Monday, sure I can fit an apple in on Tuesday! YOu're on!

Linda Shantz said...

Who-hoo! I'll be waiting! :-)

Jewel said...

I think the background works well, it doesn't detract from the apple.

L.W.Roth, said...

That's an apple alright and the background is alright too. Any horse would be pleased.

--I wasn't aware I had to look out for art thieves on the internet till I read your post on the illegalities of image theft. I'm wondering how you police the work you show online? I blog what I'm working on,(,but have more or less decided against selling online. My current paintings are considerably larger than the sizes I see on other blogs.I don't produce the quantities one would need to make any kind of money from online sales. Image theft never occurred to me, but it certainly is an added reason to stick with brick and mortar galleries, fees and all. Your post was very interesting, More food for thought.