Sunday, January 15, 2012

Comes and Goes....

I'm sure it could be applied to me, but I was thinking that of Winter this year. We get a few days of unseasonably nice weather, then a few days of unseasonably not-so-nice weather (rain in January, not really a fan, sorry!), then a few days of deep freeze. I don't think I can remember a winter where the ponies have had to deal with bad footing in the paddocks for this long, poor things!

Gracie is heading into her final week of hand walking, yay! She has been remarkably good, though I've been doing my best to keep her happy. She has a pen outside next to Monster's paddock so that she isn't stuck in the barn, the deal being, as long as she's *good* she can be there. You'd think she understood that, because, for the most part, she's complied. I have to admit I quite enjoy our walks (other than those deviations from 'good' where she demonstrates her athleticism, not the best experience when one is on the end of a shank) and I'm hoping to continue them in some form even once she moves on to small paddock turnout.

I have been making painfully slow progress in the studio on a small painting I started last fall, and making plans for new ones to start. My working title for this one is "Guardian Angels," featuring one of Woodbine's amazing pony and outrider teams. Love how the pony is resting so quietly, but in the blink of an eye he can be off to catch a runaway or a loose horse.

My title today can't help to bring to mind one of my favourite Dan Fogelberg songs, if you'd like a musical interlude!

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