Saturday, April 02, 2011

Two Days In A Row!

Yes that's right...I have managed to paint two days in a row. That shouldn't really be an accomplishment, but after last month, it is! Not long, and not with particular skill, but hey, I'll just take what I can get right now! My day didn't go exactly as planned so it was 9pm before I got to the easel, and did a bit more work on this tiny little painting of Clever's boy.

Leo, the racehorse!

I neglected to mention that Leo is home for a rest right now. He spent some time in at Woodbine when the backstretch opened, and quickly made himself a favourite. I'm happy to see his personality is intact, though certain other parts of him are not! ;-) Yes, he is a gelding now! Hard to believe two years ago he was the new little foal!

Leo, the baby!

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Elizabeth McCrindle said...

You grab what you can something is better than nothing. Leo is as handsome as ever :)