Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Reminder of the Good Thing About Winter

Ah, February. It's the month people start to get really fed up with winter, and look to a groundhog for hope. Around here we didn't get any real snow until last week, so I don't feel too hard done by. There are good things about snow when you have horses - it covers up the ugly brown paddocks, and the horses always look clean! Add to that, I always have fun taking photos. So this will be a short post, with pics!

I'm still waiting for foals - I think Twine is waiting for Hummer to catch up. Yesterday Gracie joined Peaker and Maria on the 'limo' up to Pine Valley to start training again, and Leo, Spider and Billy shipped from Pine Valley to Woodbine. A cold week to start in at the track, so I'm feeling sorry for my friends in there! Galloping horses in this weather burns your lungs!


Carrie L. Lewis said...


I love that last shot! Great snowfall.

We received our first substantial snowfall last week and another this week (both on Tuesday). I hear there's another headed our way, probably next week.

The difference? I live in town. There are no horses to photograph, though I, too, did get some great snow shots!

Thanks for sharing!


Linda Shantz said...

You can hear what they're saying in that last pic, can't you? "Enough with the snow pics already, it's feed time!"

Ruth Andre said...

Your photos are very nice and I am enjoying your new series of works, Watch & Learn.

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Ruth!