Saturday, July 03, 2010

Plate Picks from Mini Jube

Doesn't she look like she knows what she's talking about?

Two years ago, the two foals I had did a great job of calling the Plate. Chestnut filly Gracie picked chestnut filly Ginger Brew, of course, because, well, chestnut fillies rule, don't you know? Billy went with the Ontario-sired angle, and Not Bourbon. Not Bourbon and Ginger Brew ran one-two. Not bad, kids! Following Gracie's example, Jubie's little girl has to go with Roan Inish (because, of course, *bay* fillies rule). For the Ontario-sired angle I kind of like Mobthewarrior (from the first crop of Billy's dad, Mobil), but I think I'm with the baby; I'll be cheering for Roan Inish, because I just like the story!


I hear Sam-Son has got a big bash planned - hey, they only have three starters in the big race, one of which is the favoured full brother to last year's winner. At the other end of the backstretch is Roger Attfield's Mobilizer. It wouldn't be a surprise if either of those barns won.

Mobthewarrior (left) and Giant's Tomb from Sam-Son, first time past in the Plate Trial

For the first time in a long time, I'm planning to stay home on Plate Day. The reason many people will be visiting Woodbine tomorrow - some of them for the first time - is what influenced my decision to stay away. I would love to be there, the Queen herself being in attendance this time around, but it will be a zoo, which will give me little opportunity to get decent photos. For some reason Woodbine likes to give me a hard time about granting media credentials, and I figured this year would be even tougher. Very sad! Maybe next year, we'll have a horse running in the Plate again. Billy's looking pretty good as a two-year old - it could happen! Like I've said before, it's all about the dream.

Here's to a safe trip for everybody tomorrow.

Roan Inish and David Moran


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Great's hoping Baby Jubie carries on the pick a winner tradition :)

Linda Shantz said...

Ah well...I guess picking winners isn't her forte! Or mine, for that matter! The Plate Trial winner, Big Red Mike won it! Great race, though.