Friday, April 02, 2010

I Should Be Sleeping...

I was up early this morning to feed the horses before going into Woodbine to watch some of the horses work, so by the time I got to my painting today, I really just wanted a nap! It's always fun to visit the "kids" in there. Today was Opening Day at Woodbine but I needed to get home to do stalls and, of course, paint, so I didn't stay for the races.

It's two days into the Thirty Horses, Thirty Days for this April, and I thought I'd show some early stages of the paintings I've done so far. Yesterday's was an 8 x 6 and at this stage I'm still working out the drawing. Today's was an 8 x 10 and after getting the drawing to a reasonable point, I've started blocking in colour masses. You'll have to visit the Thirty Horses, Thirty Days blog to see how they turned out - or you can visit my page on Facebook.'s time for be now. After this morning, tomorrow morning will seem like sleeping in!

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