Wednesday, March 17, 2010


That's often how life goes, isn't it? Our weather of late has been an example of that. It's been so nice, but of course that means mud! Three straight days of rain didn't help matters any. Oh well, I've come to accept that the barn has to flood at least once in the spring!

Painting wise, the trade-off has been putting the "speculative" work on hold in order to complete commissions. One went to Winnipeg last week; another is at the framer's right now; an oil pastel awaits the finishing touches on my drawing table, and I'm perusing photos for the next one on the list. It's good to have the work! I do put in some time here and there on some of the smaller pieces on the go - yesterday I also did my painting for the March pARTy, which I'll show off later in the week.

Playing "hooky" has come in the form of some revision on my long-suffering closet-novel-in-progress. That might well be a lifetime task. It's worse than painting when it comes to actually making the declaration that it's done. I think they'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands! Maybe then someone will publish it!

Back to work...stalls, painting, and hoping to fit in a ride today, if my crusty mare will indulge me. I'll share those commissions and my pARTy painting soon!

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