Thursday, March 18, 2010

March pARTy - Bellator #2!

I've been having fun watching the pARTy paintings come in, and decided not to put off any longer posting my own. I did this one on 7 x 5 oil on shellaced masonite - every time I do a painting on that surface I learn how to handle it a little bit better!

Just a short post this AM - I'm off to take my two black and whites to the vet for their vaccinations, then I will see if I do better than yesterday at getting up to ride Miss Monster! I need to remember to take my camera, because I know all the horses will have their blankets off. Of course if they're anything like my horses here, they'll also be covered in mud. There's that trade off again!


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Linda, You just keep getting better and better. Lovely! ~Linda