Sunday, February 21, 2010

Performance Art

There's nothing like an untouched paddock to inspire equine action worthy of a photo shoot! I've been thinking about putting Gracie and Jubie out into the larger paddock that was occupied by the mares before they left for Kentucky. Today, warm with a clear blue sky, turned out to be the perfect day.

Jubie is about eight months along in her pregnancy right now, so she was relatively reserved next to Gracie. Miss Grace, however, did not disappoint, showing off her usual display of moves. I think she tired herself out, because she's napping quite peacefully in the corner right now!

Just a note - Gracie did not, in fact, strike Jubie in the face in that one shot! I just looks that way! Plenty of inspiration for now paintings here. This is just a small selection of the 200 or so photos I took. And please excuse the strange formatting of this post - sometimes Blogger has a mind of its own!

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Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Wonderful shots!