Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beating the Blahs with a pARTy!

I decided because my fellow Virtual pARTy organizer Kim Santini posted her pARTy painting, I could post mine as well. All's fair in painting and pARtying! This time around Kim provided our reference photo, from a photo shoot of her friend's Curly horses. This is up close and personal with Percy...which, come to think of it, is something like what Kim called her painting! If you'd like to see the photo, visit the pARTy blog. Thanks, Kim!

The details: this is 10 x 10 oil on gallery wrap canvas. This particular canvas was interesting, because it was prepped with clear gesso, so there was no need to tone it like I would normally do with a white surface. It was already the perfect colour for this particular painting. It's available for $300 US, plus shipping - once it's dry enough to go to a new home! Just email me if you're interested.

The pARTy officially runs until Saturday, so if anyone still wants to play with us, the instructions are also posted on the pARTy blog. Contact one of us if you'd like a high resolution file of the photograph. Sometime early next week, we will post all of the participants' entries on the pARTy blog, so be sure to check back then. Better yet - follow the blog so you get the latest updates.

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