Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Painting of 2010

The truth is, the first painting I did this year is one I'm not going to show. I've got a sort of informal challenge on this year with fellow equine artist friend, Elizabeth McCrindle, to work on painting humans. I did my first one on the first day of the month, but I used a photo on the front page of a magazine as it was just for practice. Had it been one of my own photos, I would have showed you - even though it will probably be a while before I think my humans are presentable!

Instead, you get to see something I'm much more comfortable with! I've done a little painting on works in progress in the last week, but today I wanted to do something quick for a greater sense of accomplishment. This, then, is an 8 x 8 oil on panel and the model is Peaker, now a three-year old. That's Gracie behind her. It's not perfect, but it served the purpose. This probably took two and a half hours all told.

I can't say there's really been a dividing line between this year and last, as these past weeks have been a bit of a blur. I guess in the next week I'll do what most people did two weeks ago - sit down and look at the year ahead, and what needs to be accomplished. 2009 was a great year for art for me, which was a blessing when surrounded by all the nay (neigh?)-sayers predicting doomsday with the economy. We had some rough times with the horses, and of course I really didn't need to go through getting two new trucks in one year, but so it goes. Let's see what the new decade has in store.


Kathleen said...

Lovely painting, Linda! I'm on the same schedule you are - hehe - maybe I will take a look at what happened in 2009 and what's up for 2010 when I start all my tax stuff in a week or so =p

Linda Shantz said...

Oh no, taxes...don't remind me, Kathleen! :-P I have provincial due soon, federal a the end of the month...*then* I guess I'd better worry about income tax. Bleh!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Well thanks for reminding everyone....was kind off hoping they misread that on my blog LOL. Same excuse here they keep abandoning the race meetings I can get too because of the nasty weather, so can't get any models. Have some photos of jockeys somewhere but I've hidden I mean mislaid them..tee hee.
Great painting by the way love the expression on Peaker's face :)