Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Gladzilla Retrospective

If a picture is worth a thousand words...here are a few in memory of my flashy muse.

Above: "Promises, Promises" Gladys and Jay. Jay was recently adopted through the LongRun Retirement program.

The wall-eye in all its glory - one of my November 09 daily paintings.

One of the April daily paintings, which I called "Famous Blue Raincoat." This painting recently sold.

One of the first November daily paintings.

I called this one "Faceoff: Muse vs. Muse" because that's my Monster on the left, seeming to issue a bit of a challenge! This was also a daily painting, done in April 09.

A scene that was familiar last winter - Gladys and Monster waiting by the gate at feed time, facing the house. This quick study sold as part of the FASM fundraiser at From Heart to Hand this past March.

I have many, many more photos of the big girl, so there very well may be more paintings, in time. To wrap this post up, I'm going to share the photo that earned Gladys her nickname, "Gladzilla." It's sadly ironic, but the horse at the front on the right is Muffin, who we lost a little over a year ago. I'm sure the two of them are keeping things interesting in their new digs.


Kathleen said...

Love the pictures!

Joan said...

I'm so glad that you have lots of references for more paintings....maybe that will be a way to ease the loss over time, by painting one of your beautiful pieces that you can keep for yourself.

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

You've done your muse proud: a lovely tribute to her beauty and character.