Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where I'd Rather Be?

I'm hard at work on the painting of Somebeachsomewhere - hence my title! It's usually in the dead of winter when I'm freezing out at the barn holding horses that this horse's name comes to mind. I have to admit, it's one of my favourite racehorse names ever. I think he's probably given his owners a lifetime's worth of tickets to such destinations!

I told myself I wasn't going to post this painting until I was done, but I can't help giving a bit of a teaser. While I'm really happy with the composition (and hope I'm not the only one that finds it appealing!) I've been a little unhappy with the paint-to-panel part, until tonight. I had to get past the pressure and just paint - try and recapture some of that freedom I have when I'm doing the daily paintings. With a painting like this, which I know is going to be seen by a lot of people, I spend a lot of time worrying whether it will measure up. For now, at least, I have to forget that. The photo quality isn't best, which is the norm for pics of wet paintings taken at night!

Out at the barn, the latest layup - who has actually been here more than two months now - is ready for some turnout! Seeing her outside, I'm just amazed at how big our little Miss Peaks is. She's not looking like the svelte filly I took photos of at Woodbine this spring right now! She's a 'good doer' as the saying goes - Peaks likes to eat! Twine and Leo were definitely nosy neighbours! That's Peaks above, and I'm sure you can figure out Twine and Leo!

Okay...back to work. I'm going to try and put a bit more time into the painting before calling it quits for the night.


Kimberly Santini said...

I miss my girl - Peeks is such a sweetie! Glad she got to stretch her legs today - please give her some love from me! (BTW, painting is looking good!! and 2nd best horse name: Thebestdayever !!)

Linda Shantz said...

Yeah both those names are on the list! :-) Perhaps we can have Thebestdayever the threequel on Somebeachsomewhere?? :-)

Peaks did more than stretch her legs, giving me a few anxiety attacks. Have to laugh at myself telling her, "That's not good for you, honey!"