Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pictures, As Promised!

Okay, now for the long overdue photo update of some of the kids! I am probably overly-cautious about turnout, as today was the first day I turned both Clever and Twine and their babies out together! I always seemed to have one excuse or the other, most of which had to do with getting these mares bred and in foal (or not, as the case ended up being with Clever). Breeding season is over, for us, so what will be will be from here on in! Anyway...after the initial tearing around that inevitably happens, everyone decided grass was a cool novelty and dropped their heads. Of course there was the occasional skirmish...Leo knows his mom, so he got out of there in a hurry when Clever's boy decided to introduce himself!

Little Spiderman (who is no longer little, and no longer Spiderman, actually) stood up for himself pretty well out there. Helps that he's almost as big as Leo, though two months younger! He's a real sweetheart, with none of big brother Billy's reservations. It looks like he's going to be a dark bay. He's changed so much from the last time I posted a photo of him! That super fuzzy coat isn't doing him any favours now that the weather is warmer, though! And it just doesn't come out like a winter coat does!

Gracie watched kind of like me - with trepidation! Hard to believe a year ago that was her and Billy out there. She is getting to be quite a big girl, and is actually taller than Billy.

And the photo of Billy is from yesterday, before I broke it to him that he had to give up his big grassy paddock for the moms and babies.

The other three mares are turned out in the front paddock - Gladys, Jubie, and my girl Monster. They haven't changed, at least on the outside! Maybe a year from now it will be Gladys' and Jubie's foals I'm showing off!


Cheryl Kugler said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Especially like photo #2 "in action". The colors of the horses remind me of a deep chestnut. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Great photos it's nice to see them progressing. Both foals are looking great especially Spider he's going to be real handsome. So what's his new name??

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Cheryl!

Well Elizabeth...his owner has different taste in names than I...his barn name is now"Batty." Personally I'm thinking I'll try for Batman! I'm sure he'll always be Spider to me!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Batty....huh some folk just have no taste at all lol. He'll always be Spider to me as well :))

Adventures With Big Filly said...

Love the pictures!!