Thursday, July 09, 2009

It'll Be Just Like Starting Over...

It's a sinking feeling - I know I'm not the only one that's been there! You're doing something on your computer, and all of a sudden it locks up, or in the case of my little MacBook, incessantly beachballs. Force Quit isn't happening, so I have to shut it down, praying when I restart I will have a happy Mac! All looked as if it was going according to plan...the lovely chime, then Apple icon...but then....uh-oh. Little MB's nine lives were apparently all used up.

In hindsight (there's always that to drive us crazy, right?) I probably should have seen the signs that things were going south, but we non-tech types like to be in denial when it comes to our computers. Add to that, my external drive was being a little flakey, so I hadn't backed up for a couple of weeks --> more denial, right? Serious disaster. I delivered the MB to longsuffering techie friend, hoping it wasn't the hard drive, and if it was, that he'd be able to rescue what was on there, because he's always been able to do it before, right??? :-D

I think denial is finally wearing off and I'm dealing with reality. And I am actually dealing with it, which is somewhat surprising, when I think of what is likely lost with that hard drive! Lots and lots of photos, of course, including all the Queen's Plate ones. And an unknown amount of rewrite/edit of chapters of the LGN, part deux. There was a bit of scanning I did over the weekend of some of my smaller paintings, but I can scan them again. They've been varnished now, so we'll see how that goes. The one thing I realized, is that keeping a blog will pay off in this instance. While I've lost the high res versions of my works in progress, it's all laid out here in this blog. I have thought of using online resources for backing up some stuff, and this most recent incident may inspire me to look into that further!

The good news is, the MB was still under warranty - advice given to extend Apple Care has paid off with the little beast, as it's pretty much been replaced from top to bottom. Doesn't say a lot for Apple's quality anymore, unfortunately, but I'm hoping I actually get a new MB out of this, because there have been so many repairs. A shiny new laptop would go a long way towards easing my pain, don't you think?

So....that's my sad story, and the reason for my most recent disappearance! Last night I just pretended I was at the cottage. Didn't turn on the TV, put on some music, and opened a book (gasp!). And now I'll see if I can find some kind of photo here on my dad's laptop to go along with this post. No guarantees that it will have anything to do with the content!

(Actually...I found a cottage picture! And the sunset is somehow appropriate, considering the sad little MacBook, don't you think?)


Kathleen said...

Oh, my!!! Glad that you have posted so much great stuff here =) I had a similar experience... And I set up a Carbonite account online to back up everything on my computer.

Yep, it takes something like this to move us out of denial into geekhood. *sigh*

Linda Shantz said...

Carbonite, eh? I'll have to look into that, for sure!! Thanks Kathleen!

Donna Ridgway said...

To bad about the poor little mac! I remember when you bought him. I have to say, I love my windows vista, and it cost one third what a comparable mac would have cost. I'm even compatible to my mac's been wonderful and I don't regret buying this thing one bit. I can hear you snort from here. lol

Linda Shantz said...

Hehe...that's funny Donna. Actually my tech/web guy was talking about the new version of Windoz that is coming out, saying it's supposed to be good, they've fixed a lot of the problems with Vista. I'll see what happens with the little MB...I miss my old PowerBook. Or the original IISi we had. I think you could have dropped that baby from the fifteenth floor and it still would have kept working! They just don't make things like they used to, eh??