Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Little Bit of Progress

Things have been a little hectic these last few weeks. I did get in one painting session after my hard drive died - call it a coping mechanism - but since then just about everything else has gotten in the way. I'm really hoping things settle down a little now. Hay is in, repro work for the mares is up-to-date for a few weeks, and so on. Finally, tonight, I got back to the easel. That last session I started working on the colour in the background of my painting of Sealy Hill, so I picked up where I left off tonight. First layer on the background has been taken care of, and some drying time is in order. This one is an 18 x 24 oil on panel.

I just wanted to share a cute pic I took today. I took some photos of an older Border Collie for an upcoming portrait, and accompanying her was her much younger Bichon friend, Seymour. Seymour was mesmerized by the girls in the front paddock, and the three of them did their best to drive him crazy. I was just shaking my head, because you know that if I was on any one of them, this little Bichon would have suddenly become a werewolf or something, right?

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