Monday, July 20, 2009

"Excuse Me, Sir, Are You Lost?"

As I was finishing up in the barn tonight, something was getting the horses on one side of the barn going. Hummer let out one of those snorts and went spinning around the stall, and Jubie was transfixed on *something* behind the barn. I took a look around, and didn't see anything, so I went to the house. Then I noticed Monster locked on something...and look what I saw walking through the front paddock! Monster proceeded to lose it, and ran to the far end of her paddock, while the visitor walked through! Usually bunny rabbits are exciting as we get around here...though I'm not sure this qualifies as wildlife! He's got to belong somewhere, doesn't he? I wonder if he lives with that Brittany that showed up a few weeks ago. Not really a good combination, if that's the case!


April Jarocka said...

Wow. What a beautiful Peacock. Where did he come from.? I just love the look in a horse's eye when something has his attention. Your horses are absolutely stunning Linda. You are very very lucky. I really wish I had one!! One day April, one day....and maybe a little ole donkey...and a few chickens...sorry. I love animals.
Best wishes

LDWatkins said...

How funny! They are beautiful. Did it leave or still with you?

Linda Shantz said...

I haven't seen him again, Linda...though I did hear him this morning, I think!

No need to apologize for your animals, April! I love chickens...just not sure they would fare so well with my Border Collies! Besides, all these horses keep me busy, and I have a friend who brings me eggs most weekends!

I was thinking Miss Grace (the filly in the foreground) is in need of a Spa day, with that mane...but she is stunning...I may be biased, of course! And the mare in teh background is just as pretty.