Friday, June 05, 2009

Belmont pARTy!

Well, it was a hard-fought stretch duel and I'm awaiting the results of the photo....but I think I got there just in time. Today was busier than most, as the blacksmith was out to trim the horses - nine of them, including the two foals. Both little colts were remarkably good - well, Leo had a bit of a rough start, but he saw the light. ;-) Spider was a champ, I was so proud of him! Once they were all outside with their new feet, I dashed off for a load of hay, then home, a bit of painting, then stalls, brought everyone in and fed, back in the house, organized some things for my show this weekend, then back to the easel. Oh - somewhere in there I ate dinner. I was tired before I started this AM, so needless to say I'm even more so now.

Yesterday, as I contemplated what I was going to do with the reference image (you can see it on our pARTy blog). I thought I was going to go larger, about 11 x 14. Then I spotted a small piece of heavy linen I'd taped to a board some time ago - all toned and ready - and it was just the right proportions for what I wanted to do. It was a challenge to work this small - 3 x 7.25 inches - and this particular linen is a very loose weave, so it was comparatively rough, but it readily grabbed the paint, which was handy for my limited time frame! No fighting the surface today. The texture is of course accentuated in the photo of the painting, because of the size.

The reference image was generously provided by photographer Juliet Harrison. Juliet makes some of her images available to artists, for very reasonable usage fees. You can view some of those images in her SmugMug gallery. I will be posting all of the images from our other pARTy participants once I have them all, so stay tuned for that.

I really wanted to title this post, "It's my pARTy and I'll cry if I want to" but figured with all my whining of late I might scare people off, when I was just trying to be funny! I'm sure my humour is lost on others, sometimes! I'm not sure how I'm going to pull off the next two days, as I'm taking part in the Artists in the Country show in nearby Carlisle. Thought I had some guest bloggers lined up, but I haven't head back (that's what procrastination will get you!). Guess I'll be back at the easel tomorrow night once I get home! No rest, as they say!


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Linda a great pARTy! Thank you for the invite.
Your interpretation is full of bounce (this is meant in a good way) and movement. Love the flow of the brush work in the horses.The feeling of speed really comes across.:)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Loved your wee painting......speed :). Heres some more speed for you coverage of the Derby chance of a Triple Crown winner first time since Nijinsky's 20 years ago.

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Sheona, Elizabeth! And thanks for posting the Derby link, Elizabeth! Wow. That was a horse race. How long till the St. Leger?? Though it sounds as if they're not considering it! Sigh!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Not till September 12th but your right looks doubtful at the moment that he'll run in it. It's just over a mile six and they had been worried if he would stay the Derby distance of a mile four. I think on yesterdays running he could do it you know money and reputation all come into it. Also in my excitement said it was 20 years since Nijinsky won the triple crown it's 39 years....makes you feel old lol