Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gracie, Gracie, Gracie!

I thought I might have to play a wildcard today, they way my day was going. Fitting in a painting was going to be a challenge. I did the drawing on the canvas after coming in for some breakfast, then had to take a horse to Mohawk for some x-rays, then run those x-rays up to our friendly neighbourhood surgeons. Then of course there were stalls to do, horses to juggle, and a Studio Tour meeting tonight. I got a bit more work done between finishing stalls and feeding, then when I got home from the meeting, had something to eat, and started painting again! The great thing about doing a painting every day like this is that it does a lot for one's confidence, and almost halfway through the month now, I've hit a reasonable stride. That's not to say I might not fall flat on my face one day soon!

Today's painting is 7 x 5 oil on canvas, and our model is one of my favourites, one of the yearlings, Miss Gracie! I didn't really have the time to do her justice last week, so this, at least, is a better effort. I'm back to the limited palette, which is bound to look a little bland after Donna's great colour yesterday!

Tomorrow is another busy horse day, as everybody is due for trims, but at least I don't have any meetings to go to. I spent last night prepping panels, which is not my favourite pastime, but I'm running low on surfaces to paint on! I have contemplated the walls...a mural might be nice!


Sandra Spagnuolo said...

Glad you stuck with it! Love the painting. Where do you find the energy? I just played the "I'm going to bed card" on Twitter!

Linda Shantz said...

I don't know...half-price Easter chocolate and that latte from second Cup help!