Sunday, January 11, 2009

Surprise...More Snow!

Really, at this stage of the game, the fact that we received another four inches or so of snow shouldn't be a surprise. I'm more surprised when it doesn't snow these days! It was actually the perfect amount of snow, if there is such a thing. Enough to leave a nice fresh covering, but not so much that it slows things down a whole lot! It sure makes for pretty pictures, anyway. And apparently, it tastes kind of interesting...just ask Gracie, who was cleaning it off of the tops of the posts!

Yesterday went awry on me, and I didn't get as much done as I intended. I'd planned to do a daily painting kind of painting, but once I settled on the image I wanted to work on, I needed to find a support to work on. I had nothing primed, so I took care of that and left it to dry. Then I needed to print the ref photo, and naturally the 4800, having been idle for a week or more, needed a good nozzle cleaning. Well, by the time I got the photo printed, it was about 10pm. In the meantime, I found another image that was appealing, and started on it instead! It was quickly apparent that this won't be a one-day deal, so I let myself muddle with the drawing while I watched the season premier of 24 tonight. I'm not sure how productive all this was, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. This is a square one, 8 x 8 gallery wrap canvas, and the models are the girls in the front paddock, that dynamic duo, Monster and Gladys. It makes me laugh because Monster looks so small beside Gladys!

Tomorrow will be busy - appointments for both my truck and me, and a couple of paintings to ship off to a show south of the border. In the evening, of course, is part two of that 24 season premier. Trying to paint while watching 24 really isn't advisible, but I can't seem to just sit in front of the TV!


April Jarocka said...

Good luck with the show Linda.

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks April. It was kind of rush-rush so I was happy I had something they wanted for it!