Saturday, November 22, 2008

Warming Things Up

The heater in my studio has been a bit wonky for the last day or so - figures, now that the weather is colder, it decides to misbehave! I'm just telling you this so you'll feel sorry for me tonight, locking myself down here to paint my daily pony despite adverse conditions! My fingers and toes are cold and I have an extra layer on. Wasn't I going on yesterday about Robert Genn's letter that spoke of sacrifice? Haha...

Anyway...I'm not entirely sure who this baby is - this photo is from a couple of years ago, taken at a local Thoroughbred breeding farm I've mentioned more than once. I know I had sort of planned to do painting number two of my potential "horses being bad" series, but I guess I jumped to the other end of things. What is cuter and more innocent than a new foal? This one is 5 x7 oil on Raymar panel using the limited palette. I did do a sketch today at the show I was at, of my next horse being it was on my mind!

After yesterday's diatribe, I'll keep this short. I think my fingers are warming up. I guess maybe the typing might have something to do with it! Think I'll go make a hot chocolate anyway. See you tomorrow!

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