Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Or, Not Thinking Enough!

I knew my time would be tight today, so I decided to keep today's painting small. As I started roughing in my drawing with burnt umber, I realised the head wasn't going to quite fit. I did consider wiping it out and starting over, but I liked what I had despite that little indiscretion, and I know from history that I tend to fix things worse when I decide to start over! I thought I'd make do and hope I was content with the result. I actually believe I am!

So, this is Gladys, aka "Gladzilla." I have painted Gladys before, and she's actually in one of my larger paintings currently in progress (or I suppose, on vacation while I do this horse-a-day project!). Gladys is a big filly; if she's not 17 hands, she's pretty close to it, so painting such a big horse on such a small canvas was a bit of a challenge for my brain! In the midst of all the plain bay mares, she's quite flashy, with that bold blaze and four white legs. This is 5 x 7 oil on canvas, still using a limited palette.

I'm keeping it short today, for a change! I'll be back tomorrow!

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