Tuesday, September 16, 2008

There And Back Again

Home again, after an enjoyable trip to New Jersey. My friend and I talked about how most people think of New Jersey as what they see off the Turnpike – industry, basically – but Sheri lives in South Jersey, closer to Atlantic City, in the Pine Barrens. I understand completely why she loves it there. It’s beautiful and peaceful and exactly opposite to what everyone thinks of New Jersey.

When I arrived Friday, Sheri told me Big Brown was running at Monmouth on Saturday…did I want to go? I laughed. Do you have to ask? I responded. So Saturday we went to the races! It was a great day – the home-town crowd was friendly and excited to have the Big Horse there again. BB didn’t disappoint, though both Sheri and I agreed that BB should probably stand for “Big Baby”! It’s too bad this horse won’t run at four, because he still seems so immature. He got the job done, regardless.

Sunday was the opening of the NJEAA Fall Showcase. It was a great collection of artwork, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn “Man on a Mission” was awarded an honourable mention! The EAG was well represented. It’s so nice to see original artwork in person – it always gives me an even greater appreciation for the artists. Nothing compares to it!

Monday it was time to head home, but not before a photo shoot of the Arcadia gang, and lunch at Marcello’s. If you’re ever in Hammonton, New Jersey, it comes highly recommended! Great pizza (we had takeout Friday night and couldn’t help going back, apparently!). After all these years, not much has changed when the two of us get together. Lots of horses, Haagen Dazs and catching up on a few movies! What more could you ask for?

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