Friday, August 08, 2008

Time To Grow Up!

Well, as Miss Peaker has been featured prominently in this blog since her birth, I have to report on the latest chapter of her life. This morning was significant - I sent her to the training centre to officially start her career as a racehorse. At least, that's the goal! She's had a little bit of work here - worn a bridle, pad and surcingle - but as the last time she left this farm was at a month of age when her mother went to be bred, sending her somewhere to be broken (yes we still use that word, though it has long ago lost its negative connotations) will expose her to more, and better prepare her for what lies ahead at the racetrack.

At eighteen months, Peaker is a big girl, very nearly 16 hands already. She handled loading on the trailer quite admirably, I thought - thanks, of course, to some careful handling - and travelled in a nice roomy box stall.

I'm going to miss the baby girl - while it's exciting that the day has come for her to start on the next stage of her life, it's sad to see her go.

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