Friday, July 04, 2008

Chestnuts Only, Please!

Last night I finally got around to popping over to a nearby Thoroughbred breeding farm I used to work at to take some photos. This time of year they've started turning out at night, and I just love the light in the early evening. Most of the mares and babies are back from Kentucky now, and sales prep is in full swing, with the first bunch leaving earlier this week for Fasig-Tipton Kentucky.

I took a few hundred photos (what else is new?) so just a small selection here. Honestly, there are more than chestnuts on this farm! Maybe I'm just feeling a little chestnut horse-deprived after taking Jay over to start back training on Wednesday. I still have Gracie and Peaker here, of course, but Jay has enough personality for half a dozen horses, so his absence leaves a big hole! The bunch in the first photo are some of this year's colts. Half of the group came over right away when they saw me, but these four stayed up on the hill grazing until I was about to move on to the next pasture. At that point, in true Thoroughbred fashion, these four came tearing across to see what was going on.

On the way to the fillies' paddock, I took a few pics of the yearling colts. This boy is out of a mare called Heavenly Tears (aka Millie), and Heavenly Tears is a half sister to Monster's dad, Tejabo. So this handsome goof is a relative of my silly mare!

I can't keep up with who's who on the farm anymore - I still know some of the mares, but can't keep up with all the fashionable stallions these foals are by! My retention just isn't that good! I need to take notes!

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Jennifer said...

Beautiful photos. I used to manage a TB horse farm too!
Great blog...