Friday, June 13, 2008

Purple? I'll Give You Purple

Okay, obviously if you were expecting a panel update, you'll be disappointed here. The panel and I are still having issues. We're considering therapy. In the meantime, I did take some photos of the garden. I'm far from a plant expert - though I did work in the Crop Science building at the University of Guelph one summer!

I've been devoting some time to Mike Fox, blocking in the colour. The mid and foreground required the use of a fair bit of white, so this painting will get the day off to dry. Once I'd done as much as I wanted on this painting last night, I pulled out one of the little paintings I started this spring. This is that little Shire on Raphael linen panel - a 5 x 7 oil. I had a lot of fun quickly giving this guy some substance. He's not done yet, but he is dry today, so I might work on him again a little later, and see if I can finish this piece! I've almost forgotten what it's like to finish a painting. I seem to be really good at starting new ones though!

Back to the easel! You'll have to wait till next time to find out what's sitting there waiting for me today. Hmm...must be time to go grocery shopping. I'm out of chocolate!

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