Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oaks Day!

This must be some kind of record for me - today was the first time this year that I got to the races. It was hot and humid today for the Canadian Oaks, with favoured Ginger Brew coming through to win it.

And now, the Queen's Plate is just two weeks away. Before I know it, it'll be time for Saratoga!

The 40D did all the work today, so all I'm going to do is post a few photos. At the top is my artsy shot for the day. Next we have the winning filly at the wire, and below is the first time past the grandstand. I just love the late afternoon light in this one. Guess tomorrow it's time to get back to painting!


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Cool pics... Love your artsy shot and the last one...the definition of the muscle and the sharp colours are great.
Were you able to get up close or... do you have the lense I am dreamin' of...?

Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Sheona! I have a great lens....100-400mm zoom. ;-) It's brilliant. Well, I guess it could always be better (read: faster!!) but it does what I need to to do!

Anonymous said...

How I wish I had somewhere near here to get shots like that........lovely...!