Monday, February 11, 2008

Horse TV: All horses, all the time!

I joke about that the rest of the year, when I stand at the kitchen window watching the ponies. They can be quite entertaining, and I have the photos to prove it! Right now with the cameras up on the mares, it give Horse TV a whole new meaning. This night-time Horse TV is only black and white, but it's a whole lot better than going back and forth to the barn when it's as cold out as it was last night. Both mares are biding their time. I just learned that my friend's mare, who was due around the same time as these girls, foaled Saturday night. Ruby seems to be developing a trend for delivering close to her due date, and at a reasonable time of night! I would like Ruby to talk to these mares!

This period of adjustment to staying up all night has affected my painting time. I have been working on a commission of a Quarter Horse in pencil, however. Working in pencil takes a completely different mind set for me; it's quite interesting. I find as well, now that I'm painting more, I approach it differently. I haven't got a photo of it yet, so I'll be sure to do that shortly. It's kind of neat to see the drawing in progress.

Okay, it's 8:54 I stay awake, or go to sleep???


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This is one of the best blogs I've ever visited!



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