Monday, October 01, 2007

Studio Tour '07...Done for Another Year

Well, the Milton Area Studio Tour is behind us for another year. We were blessed with perfect weather and a steady flow of people managed to find my studio, way back here at Bog End! It was nice to see some familiar faces out again. I have to say, though, little Peaker has been looking expectantly down the laneway all day wondering what happened to all the visitors!

I finished a new painting of Miss Peaks just in time for the tour (that's it, below). Some of you may remember a photo of her that I posted here back in February from the day she was born, just hours old. I wasn't sure I would be able to capture what was in that photo or not. Sure brings back memories of the end of a bunch of cold, sleepless nights. She has certainly been a lot of fun to have around!

I will be doing a small limited edition of giclées on canvas from this painting, tentatively titled, "Good Morning, Sun." The painting is 11 x 14 inches and I've started taking orders, so if you're interested, please email me. The price will be $125.00 plus tax.

Today, it's back to the studio. With some time in between shows, I hope to be able to get some more new work done, and get those Christmas commissions started!

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Donna Ridgway said...

This is such a cute painting of this filly! I love it...Donna