Thursday, September 13, 2007

Technical Dependence?

It was almost this time last year that I got my shiny new MacBook and was laughing about being technically indulged. Well, after being separated from my little MB for almost a week while it was in for a repair, and also lending my lovely camera to a friend for a few days, I was feeling a bit lost! Pretty sad that I missed a camera and a computer eh?

Anyway, now that they're both back with me, I can update this blog! I've started a new painting, a little 8 x 8 gallery wrap. It's nearing completion. I also took some photos of our girl Peaker this morning, on her latest adventure - being turned out in a new paddock and meeting some new pasturemates. The light is great in the morning right now, and her pretty chestnut coat is seasonally appropriate!

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