Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hazy, Not Lazy

We’ve hit some very summer-like weather these last few weeks – fairly hot and muggy, the kind of weather that the mosquitoes love and the horses don’t! I heard on the news yesterday that our weather here in Ontario has been hotter on average than the temperatures on record for this time of year. After the way the cold and damp hung around this spring, I can’t say I’m ready to complain yet.

After considerable craziness with the horses since getting back from Dubai, things have started to settle down. Two of my rehab visitors have started back in light training, and in about a week the next one will join them. The baby, who got sick with textbook timing (three months, when she had lost her mom’s passive immunity) has come to the end of her treatment, something we’re both be glad of! She’s losing her foal coat but hasn’t lost any of her cuteness, even though being cooped up a fair bit through her illness has left her quite cheeky! She had a little romp this morning. Looking at the photos, I can’t believe how big she is! Sometimes she looks so grown-up.

I’m continuing to work on the Singspiel painting, hoping to finish it this week. At the same time I’m working on the latest commission, which is in oil pastel. I have the background colour blocked in on the Singspiel, and some loose foreground colour down. I’m going to do a bit more work on that before getting into the horses and riders. And I’ve started doing sketches for some new paintings, so that I’ll be ready to go when this one is deemed complete!

After that little heat wave, we've ended up with a couple of coolish days -- the horses are sure enjoying it!

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