Sunday, April 15, 2007

Catching up, Post-Dubai!

I got back from Dubai two weeks ago tonight - though there were some tense moments as I sprinted through JFK from one terminal to another when I wondered if I was going to get back to Canada that night! Late planes and airport security line-ups! I waited in the huge lineup with the other "International" travellers and then was just waved through with my happy little Canadian passport -- no fingerprint check, no digital picture taken of me. They should have a special lineup for Canadians, I decided. I just made the flight from NYC to Toronto, whew! After all that though, couldn't the weather have been a little warmer??? Coming from pretty much perfect weather in Dubai, the April SNOWshowers have been a little hard to take.

Taking in Dubai in four days was a bit of a whirlwind. Having my priorities straight, I made it to Al Quoz, Godolphin's private training centre, and of course Nad Al Sheba, the track at which the Dubai World Cup is run. Dubai World Cup day was complete insanity. They had an opening ceremony akin to the Olympics. I would say it puts our North American race days to shame, but I had visions of a complete backstretch meltdown imagining the same thing over here as I watched the fireworks show. Can you picture it? The very first horse I ever took care of as a groom at Woodbine, many moons ago now, was affectionately (or sometimes otherwise) known as "Petunia." Tu would lose it on Queen's Plate morning when the Horse Guards arrived. Believe me, I thought of Tu when I saw those fireworks!

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