Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Interpretations" - Online Art Show

Well, it's here! The online art show, featuring the work of a number of Equine Art Guild members, is officially "live"! This is a unique show that evolved as a result of our members' forum. I've posted a number of the more animated shots I've taken of Monster, and one of our photographer members, Juliet Harrison, shared many photos of her buckskin Quarter Horse gelding, Doc. When a few paintings from these shared photos began emerging, the idea arose to put them together in an online show.

Be sure to check out the show! Interpretations

Apparently Doc is quite proud of his new-found fame. Monster, on the other hand, is rather bored with it all, the snob. But far be it from her to miss a chance to look good for the camera! When I was out taking a few pics of her and her new friend Sophia, Monster made sure there was no doubt in anyone's mind who the model was! :-D

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