Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Class of '06

Well, I'm a little behind in my introductions. There are a couple of new yearlings on the farm, both from the CTHS sale last month. I've been busy with them, inspired by last winter -- I was determined not to be breaking in January!! I'm happy to report both of them are progressing nicely, going forward at a walk and jog outside the paddocks. But back to the introductions!

Medz is a chestnut colt, a son of Thunder Gulch. He's very handsome, as I'm sure you can see. He's as sweet as one can hope for a colt to be. Initially he was quite timid, but he's really come around, and I think he's quite proud of himself for doing so well at his first lessons under tack. He's gained a lot of confidence. He was, however, a bit worried about the camera -- I guess that 200-4o0mm zoom can be a bit scary.

Bri (or Bree...well, it's kind of short of Brioche) is a bay daughter of Theatrical (IRE). She has a lot more attitude than Medz, but has also been a star as she's been started under saddle. After a week of rain, we've finally had some sun, which makes riding a lot more enjoyable! The trees are changing colour and leaves falling...a fine time to be breaking yearlings, and I know I'll be so happy I did so now when we're all enjoying a rest in November!

All these horse-filled days have left me a bit behind in the painting, department, so you know what I'll really be doing in November! I have some sketches that have been waiting to long to be turned into more complete works of art. So if you're sick of all the photos, be sure to check back!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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