Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Keeping Busy

Well, that's one thing I never seem to have trouble doing. I remember when a friend of mine graduated from university and was looking for work, she would complain that she was bored. I, on the other hand, was once told by a headhunter that I didn't have time for a job! Hmmm....probably didn't help my prospects any.

Things on the farm are in their usual liquid state. We're all keeping our fingers crossed for Marco, who will have his foot x-rayed to see if his coffin bone has healed well enough to move on to turnout. Gladys has gone back in to the track. She has some work to do to catch up to her "brother", Pip. Pip made his first start a week and half ago, and we were all very proud of his effort! Jay is here for a little R&R, and quite enjoying it. Clever, Jesse and Java(monster) are hanging out.

On the art front, the entries are all off for juried shows, and now I'm back to scrambling to get some work together for the galleries. Hopefully I'll get some done worthy of Saratoga. Last summer was my first year being represented there, a lifetime goal accomplished, so we have to go with that!

There will be a few local shows and horse shows over the summer, but hopefully the highlight will be a road trip to Saratoga. The 20D hasn't been there before, and I'm sure it would enjoy The Spa emensely!

(Above: Insight 8 x 6 oil on canvas, available)

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