Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Red and White

Here's another of the many oils I've been working on. For lack of something more imaginative, I've been calling this "Red and White." This gorgeous Shire horse was, like some of the others seen here before him, photographed at the Can-Am show last year. I've always loved Shires; they're my favourite draft breed. This painting is done on panel, and is 11 x 14.

I'm running around trying to pull everything together for our show this weekend. Funny how when I did up the invitations, I read and re-read it to proof it, couldn't see anything but for some reason it still nagged at me. Yesterday Lorna solved it for me - I forgot to put in the times! Oh well. I'm sure they'll figure it out. It's not like someone is going to show up at 8am on a Saturday morning, right? :-P

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