Monday, May 22, 2006

Must Paint....

I think I've mentioned that I'm a member of the Equine Art Guild, a group of artists from around the world that specialize in drawing and painting horses. We have a private forum where we bounce around ideas and we have those great emoticons. One is of a smiley (well...he's not smiling!!) with a whip in his hand. We have this ongoing joke when deadlines approach or we need "help" to drag ourselves to the easel (yes there are days like that)...there are various configurations of "Muuust paint!" accompanied by the whippy emoticon!!

It's been a gloomy, cold, rainy Victoria Day holiday weekend here in Ontario. The horses love the cooler weather as it's chased the mosquitoes back into hiding, and it's also good to keep me painting, because there's been no sunshine to entice me outdoors! I've got several new paintings on the easel. The first of this latest batch I finished last night. This pretty Haflinger filly was photographed a couple of months ago on a day much warmer than we've had of late! Back in March when we had spring. ;-)

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