Thursday, April 06, 2006

Just In Time for Spring!

Well, doesn't it figure that now that spring has officially arrived, I'm going to post the completed "Snowbaby"? I'm happy with how this experiment turned out, and I imagine I'll be trying my faithful oil pastels on board again. Next step for Snowbaby will be exploring the possibility of a protective varnish that will allow me to frame it without glass. That would be exciting!

Okay, so back to the subject of Spring. We had a return of cold temps this week, and even a bit of snow, but today, at least, has warmed up a bit. Last weekend was Opening Day at Woodbine, and this weekend is the first Central West Trillium show of the season. Friends of mine are organizing it, so I will be there in support, with my artwork, and donating a number of prizes as a sponsor. Good Luck to everyone competing! Here's hoping the weather is more hospitable that it was for Woodbine's 2006 debut!

The next baby painting is already in my head. I took photos of the cutest, most gorgeous Haflinger baby last weekend, and got some great shots. Stay tuned!

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