Monday, April 10, 2006

It's A Thoroughbred Thing...

Horses! They know how to stress you out. They do the scariest things sometimes! Saturday morning I was away at a horse show with my artwork, and I got a call from home on my cell. Turns out one of the 2-year-olds that is getting a bit of time off somehow managed to get out of her paddock, but not cleanly, as both the gate and she showed signs of a struggle. It looked like it was a draw, if you ask me. The gate is bent but useable, the filly is scraped up and, a couple days later, sore and a bit swollen in spots, but both seem to have survived without irreparable damage.

I feel sorry for the poor girl, but what happened is anyone's guess. She had horses on either side – horses that apparently slept through the whole ordeal, for that matter! My fences are flex fence, and I've never had a horse injured on it, but the gates are steel. Naturally she chose to challenge the gate. So what drove her to straddle a steel gate, no one knows. Again, none of the other horses are telling – even though the filly was caught moments after, the actual event wasn't witnessed by any of the humans. And wouldn't you know, Bella is the quietest horse in the barn?

They must all talk about it when I turn out the barn lights after watering off at night.

"So what were you thinking, Bella? Climbing over a gate," Monster would say, shaking her head.

"I seem to remember you going through a fence one time when you were two, dear," her mother counters.

"Okay, but that was that silly tape stuff. It's not like I was going to get hurt on it. I know I'm goofy sometimes, but I'm not stupid!"

"But there was a dragon!! Didn't any of you see the dragon?" Bella protests.

"A dragon? Cool! And I missed it?" Marco squeals. "But really, Bella, what's the matter with you? I bet I could have at least cleared the gate."

"Would you all just go to sleep?" Betty, the barn cat snaps. "You're scaring the mice away!"

...and so on. All the excitement happens when I'm not around.

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