Monday, February 06, 2006

Munching, or, You Call This Breakfast?

Well, I told you Monster would show up in my work, so here's one of the latest in progress. I've been playing with coloured pencil for a couple of small pieces, and this is one of them. The photo was taken last winter, one cold morning. I just love the expression on Miss Monster's face, like, "What, hay again?"

Usually, with larger works, I start the drawing on a separate piece of paper to be sure I get it right, and then transfer it to the ground I'll be working on. This also allows me to place it where I want on the page. With smaller pieces like this one, however, I tend to take my chances and draw right on the paper. At least with paper, one can trim or mat the piece to tweak the final composition...not so with canvas or board! With those surfaces you have to be a little more careful about placement when you draw!

Monster is one of the world's easiest-keeper Thoroughbreds. It doesn't take a lot of grain to keep weight on her -- in fact, this winter she's been getting mostly Equilizer, a supplement designed to provide the nutrition she needs with0ut a lot of calories! It doesn't help that she ends up eating most of the hay as her two younger pasturemates are off playing or chewing on my fenceposts...ah well...once the kids go into Woodbine, I will start getting on Monster again...right? :-)

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