Thursday, January 19, 2006

All Over But The...Naming!

One of the biggest challenges an artist may have is coming up with just the right title for a piece of work. Sometimes the title is decided before the work is even created...other times, a finished piece will just sit there untitled until just the right one comes along. And yes, sometimes that perfect title never seems to come! Sometimes you come up with just the right title only to find out that some other artist thought up that same right title...completely independent of you!

The latest piece to be completed is the Arabian in oil pastel that I showed in progress just after I started this blog. I'm especially happy with how the background came together for this piece. As it was a simple head study, the background helped to contribute some drama to the overall composition. So now, what to call it? Suggestions welcome!


Carrie L said...


I have to say the beginning stages of this and the finished portrait barely resemble each other. I am in awe...!!

As for a name....

"I See You"

"Aren't I Lovely"

Maybe not.

Nothing leaped to mind when I looked at it so I have to ask: is this a real horse? If so, what is its name? Might that not make a good title?

Linda Shantz said...

It's a real horse, Carrie, but I didn't find out his name, unfortunately! I was just snapping pics as the different breeds lined up for their demo before going in the ring. Sigh!

The background did make a big difference, so I'm getting sold on doing them for my oil pastel pieces now. I'm certainly going to do one with the Andalusian I'm working on now (posted earlier on in the blog). More work, but worth it in the end!

Carine said...

How about "Wisp O' Smoke" in re to the mark on his forhead and the misty quality of the background.

Donna Allen said...

Hi Linda,
Did you name this yet? It looks like he's saying, "I'm a mighty fine horse" but that isn't much of a name. How about "Mighty Fine" Or I'm A Mighty Fine Horse. Well, those are kind of dumb, but I thought they might lead you into something...:) Donna