Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Long Time Coming

I've been saying for some time now that I wanted to create a blog. The concept seemed a natural for me, as someone who likes to write. As an artist, it gives me a way of laying out my thought process as I begin a new painting, though that can be a bit scary at times! Sometimes paintings just paint themselves, from the time I first spot a reference photo that demands to be used.

Things are frustratingly slow at the moment, as other demands have been getting in the way of painting. Fall for me means a few things -- the approach of Christmas, and my busiest time for commissioned portraits, and also the wrap-up of the Thoroughbred racing season, which for me means some "guests" in my barn for a few months. It looks as if the barn will be full this winter, so I've been busy getting things ready, with three stalls already occupied by yearlings from the local and Kentucky sales. I always love having the extra horses in the winter. While these fresh faces mean considerably more work, they also inevitably bring inspiration for new paintings, and this year's "crop" looks particularly exciting!


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