Friday, October 25, 2019

The Art of Avoidance

After a month of painting every day, I have fallen seriously flat in October. How did I get to the 25th with only managing a couple of days at the easel? Shameful.

Today, finally, I was determined to sit down and paint. It's 2:13pm as I write this, and I'm maybe halfway through the Keepsake portrait I'm supposed to finish. I will finish it, but really, I should be almost done by now, and I'm not.

It's a funny thing – when I'm supposed to be writing, like the times I've done November's Nanowrimo, I have this overwhelming urge to paint. Today, when I need to be painting, what did I do? Decided to take part in a flash fiction contest.

I stink at flash fiction. Today, however, I figured it would be a good exercise. You know, when I'm supposed to be PAINTING.

Anyway. I have written said thing. We'll see if I'm brave enough to submit it. It's inspired by my little black and white dog. Have I told you lately how clever she is? Here's a video of her a few weeks ago at her scent detection class. So smart. 💗

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