Monday, October 03, 2016

A Chance to Own a Painting; A Chance to Help a Horse

Baby Peaker

It seems every time we turn around, someone is asking for donations. We go to the grocery story, and get asked for a few dollars extra for one cause or another; we log into Facebook and someone is raising funds for a worthwhile cause. We all pick our spots...I know I've made a number of private donations to help out friends and friends-of-friends this year. On the flip side, I absolutely hate asking for help. As I kid I was the one who couldn't sell a box of Girl Guide cookies to save my life, or ask for pledges for various charitable events. Not my forté!

I have often, however, donated artwork for fundraisers, usually relating to animals. I've been working with LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement for a number of years now, helping raise money to help retired racehorses in Ontario. In the last couple of years, I've been on the receiving end of their aftercare efforts, as they've helped out with a couple of our retirees.

This year, I had a big one to ask them - our very first homebred, Peaker, who has been in her fair share of paintings, surfaced in Minnesota. I have been carefully watching out for her since she was claimed from my client three years ago. When she came back on my radar, I waited and hoped I might have the chance to bring her home and ensure her safety. When that opportunity arose, LongRun agreed to help.

"Fresh Snow," 11 x 14 original oil on linen (framed).

So now, in return, I'm hoping to encourage donations to LongRun. There will be a draw for an original framed oil painting, called "Fresh Snow," featuring Peaker and her friend Maria, and a second draw for a reproduction on canvas of Peaker as a newborn, called "Good Morning, Sun."

"Good Morning, Sun" reproduced on canvas.

For a donation to LongRun of $20.00, your name will be entered in the draw for the reproduction, "Good Morning, Sun." If you make a donation of $50.00 or more, you get a chance to win the original painting. You can contact LongRun directly by telephone at (416) 675-3993 x 3440, or you can donate through PayPal using the email address info@longrunretirement . Be sure to indicate your donation is to help bring home Clever Peaks so we can add your name to the draw.

Of course, any amount is welcome, and if you provide an address I'll happily send you a small gift and thank you card in appreciation.

If you're still reading, thanks for your time!  And whether you're able to help or not, I hope you'll stay tuned and help welcome our girl home!

(If you're the kind of person who prefers a sure thing, I have a little promo going on, on my website. Use the coupon CLVRPKS when you purchase any study or reproducion, and receive 20% off your total. If you're interested in an original, drop me a line for a similar discount!)

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