Saturday, February 13, 2016

Go Lexie Lou!

Lexie Lou ~ oil on linen.
I've been working on a few smaller studies these days, on various surfaces, just to keep things going in the studio while other things still keep me from spending a more solid chunk of time painting.  I have ideas and blog posts running through my head all the time...they'll eventually get out.

I'm not sure I ever posted this completed painting, for whatever reason.  This is a painting I did of 2014 Queen's Plate winner, the filly Lexie Lou.  Lexie missed most of last season because of an eye injury, and returned to the races last month.  Today she is back in tough, running against her stablemate, Breeders' Cup Mile winner, Tepin. I'll be cheering for the underdog, Ontario-bred! Just a little bit of trivia - Lexie Lou is a half-sister to the mother of our homebred, Rachel (Relocate the Bank).

Cold and sunny day here in Southern Ontario - sounds like a day to spend in the studio, after doing the stalls, of course!
Rachel...cheering for her Aunt Lexie today?


Carrie L. Lewis said...

I saw Lexi Lou's race yesterday, but didn't remember your connection with her. Tepin ran big and Lexi Lou made a run but appears to still be in need of some tightening.

I like her portrait, though. Very nice.


Linda Shantz said...

Thanks Carrie. I didn't see the race - someone said she got a bad ride. Never heard of the guy who was on her! I hope she comes back to Ontario to run. :-)

And BTW, I was just thinking about you yesterday - saw an article about Admiral's Image, you came to mind!