Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Official Meet Your Weaning Buddy Day


I've never weaned a foal this late - thanks to my injury, Gryphon is now seven months old, and I usually wean at about five months. I didn't want to wean him when I was feeling vulnerable about my arm, in case there was any excitement that I needed to deal with.  Excitement with a young Thoroughbred?  That never happens, right?

This week, I decided it was time to start setting things in motion.  We're getting a nice break from the more seasonable temperatures and rain.  Yesterday was step one – putting baby boy's intended buddy out with him and his mom, so they could get acquainted while mom is still around.  Gryph is pretty independent, and he's old enough that Twine isn't all that protective anymore – she's more interested in preserving her own space than worrying about her son.

I let Twine and Gryph go out as usual, with Hugo – buddy to be – next door in the small paddock where he's been turned out all summer.  Then, time to release Hugo and supervise (with camera in hand, or course!).

It was, to say the least, entertaining.  Hugo said hi, and got warned by Twine, but he was most interested in the grass, as his paddock doesn't have much. Gryph was rather affronted by this behaviour.  He did his best to get Hugo's attention.  Here's a photo essay of the adventure!

First, we follow you everywhere.

Then, we make sure you know I'm tough!   

Then, we dive-bomb you! (Hugo looks very concerned, doesn't he?)


Then I will stop and pose, because I am so good-looking.


Stay tuned for more adventures (and photos, of course) of Gryph and Hugo!

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