Monday, January 19, 2015

Seven Days

I know how you feel, Rachel - reluctant participant!
So, apparently I've agreed to take the Your Turn Challenge.  Perhaps Kim Santini saw my last blog post, where I may have mentioned needing to get back to the blogging thing.  She forwarded me a post from Seth Godin's blog, talking about the above mentioned challenge, and asked if I was in.  Post for seven days, from January 19 through the 25th?  Hey, once upon a time I did thirty days in a row.  Seven should be a piece of cake, right?

This one, however, has  more guidelines that those thirty days.  Therein lies the challenge for me!  I've always been the one to take that road less travelled - following other people's rules and way of doing things has rarely been my M.O.  Soooo....I will endeavour to conform this week, haha.  There are simply prompts for each day.  Today's is, "Why?"  Why am I doing this Your Turn Challenge?

I'm guessing the main reason is pretty obvious.  I was just saying I wanted to get back to spending more time posting on my blog, so this is a way of jump-starting things.  A second reason is that I was challenged to do so, and far be it from me to turn down a challenge from Kim.  ;-)  Maybe the third reason is what I talked about in the previous paragraph - trying to be part of something, rather than going my own way.  At least for seven days.  Surely I can play for that long! The hardest part will be sharing it beyond the boundaries of this blog.  That part is optional - to add it to the posts on the Your Turn blog - but, what's that saying, in for a penny? Or, as the BFF song says, "Do It Anyway!"

Perhaps taking on this challenge will spur me onto bigger ones, like settling back into a more productive routine in the studio! Guess you'd better keep tuned in to see if that happens!

My last blog challenge involved a painting a day...this one was a favourite from those thirty days!


Karen Thumm said...

I love reading your blog posts. I'm happy to see that you're doing more of them again, even if it is only for seven days.

I need to challenge myself to do something similar.

Linda Shantz said...

Jump on in, Karen! Haha. Or we could come up with one next that's a little more directly art-related. I think I might need something like that, because as I compose stuff in my head for this week, it's all very dark and negative and "Why bother?" -ish! Must be January! :-P