Wednesday, January 21, 2015


No idea where this came from...don't remember doing it, but it's cool!

I'm trying to keep a bit of a common theme going through these blog posts, with the given prompts.  Today's is to talk about something I think should be improved.  Where better to start than with myself?

When it comes to my horses, I am very much a micromanager.  I like to control every little detail.  I can't, of course - horses have a way of showing you that, no matter how hard you try, no matter how careful you are, things can still go wrong.

But that's another story.  I've often said, I take way better care of the horses than I do myself.  In the morning, I'm up and outside and to the barn to feed and turnout in the morning, before I even think of my own breakfast.  I'm very particular about their feed program, they get chiropractic and body work, and you can bet Gracie is going to get a new blanket before I get a new coat.  ;-)

At the end of the day, it's easy to just say "stuff it" to the rest of the things I should be doing.  I've gone through phases where I'm very disciplined.  After the evening feed, I'd come in, workout, have a shower and a good dinner, then settle down to paint for a while before going out to do late feed.  While that might seem like over-achievement to some people, when when I pull this off, I'm way more satisfied with everything, than when I think, by rights, I've done enough for the day.

So why don't I keep up that schedule?  Why do I buy into the excuses, and settle for less?

I don't need a  current hairstyle, or wardrobe, or anything along those lines, so don't be looking for me to improve in those areas.  I'm quite content to pull my hair back in a ponytail and wear jeans and a t-shirt (or see how many layers it takes to keep warm in January!). I'd rather spend my money on my horses, or books, or camera equipment, or original art from one of my friends...and my time on getting fitter and making myself paint (when I'm not battling yesterday's questions!).

So...what do I think should be improved?  I think I'd better just start with myself.

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